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Dette er historien om en fornøyd kunde som introduserte oss for en ny kunde. Ola og Fredrik kaller dette markedsføringsdugnad, fordi alle tre bidrar litt. Kim introduserer kunden for Fredrik. Kunden introduserer Fredrik for den potensielle kunden Per. Fredrik stiller de riktige spørsmålene og følger opp kundene.


  • Kunden hjalp Per. Hvis Pers systemutviklingsprosjektet får gode resultater, vil Per ønske å gi hjelp tilbake.
  • Per fikk en systemutviklingsleverandør, som bokstavelig talt er håndplukket av noen som kjenner Pers behov. Uten at Per kaster bort tid på å lete.
  • Kim fikk et systemutviklingsprosjekt som passer med hans måte å arbeide på.
  • Fredrik fant en kunde som sannsynligvis blir fornøyd og kanskje introduserer han til en ny potensiell kunde. Uten at Fredrik kaster bort tid på å lete.

Fredrik jobber med prosjekt- og konsulentsalg for et it-selskap med 25 ansatte. Kim er en av konsulentene hans. Selskapet er en av kundene mine. Neste dugnadshistorie er om hvordan du forbereder dine ansatte på å gjøre som Kim.

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How I got more comments on my blog

People write comments both on my blogposts and on the same posts on facebook. I put up links to my blogposts on facebook. One of my most faithful commenters told me «there must be a better way». What could that better way be I wondered? How can I let people comment on my blog and get the comments in the news feed of facebook at the same time?

I found a solution. I had to read the instructions carefully. After that, I tried a little and after two hours I had added facebook comments to my blog,

Results: For example I can write a comment about my own «Waffels and Grand Plans» blogpost, and it will show up in your facebook feed. Maybe you click on it and comment on my blog.

You can get facebook comments for your blog. Click on the word facebook here and I will lead you to a page where facebook tells you how to do this. If I can copy and paste some lines of code, then you also can. I did get some help from Benedicte after, it is good if you also have some technical back up.

Good luck!


Who Participates in the DUGNAD?

The links to the DUGNAD team is collected in this bundle. Click theDUGNAD and take a look around to find who matches your interests. Whos content are you able to write a relevant comment to?




The right customers

Getting the right customers takes many, many small steps in the right direction. Getting relevant comments on your online content is a small step, but done consistently over time it will help. Because:

  1. High quality, relevant comments makes it easier for your target audience to get engaged in your content and write their own comments.
  2. You write better content when you expect relevant comments.
  3. Relevant, consistent comments from a credible third party will make you and your business feel more trustworthy to the right customers.

Your DUGNAD Team

Who should be in your DUGNAD team?

People who are willing and able to write relevant comments on your content because they understand your work. People who share values with you. People who will be genuinely delighted by your success. Here is one example of a DUGNAD team, check them out:

Benedicte Raae

Allister Kindingstad

Eirik Myhr

You are creative!

You create. That is the number one reason why the DUGNAD of marketing is for you. If you create, you can use your powers of creation to write relevant comments on two peoples online content. In return you will get relevant comments. Why relevant comments are good for you will soon be explained. First lets look at three points describing you seven years from now:

  1. You make money from the work you love to do.
  2. You help people you respect to succeed in making money from the work they love to do.
  3. You are visible and engaging online.

Your first step towards your future business self is to practice commenting 45 minutes every second monday. Your comments will get more relevant and engaging every month because you get to know the two people on your DUGNAD team. Their content and target audience become more familiar over the months and years.

What is in it for you?

You will get back exactly what you contribute:

  • Two relevant comments on your blog, facebook profile/page or Google+.
  • Twice a month.
  • From two credible professionals who care about your work.

What is in it for me (Ola Vea)?

  1. When you get results you introduce me for a customer you needs my help.
  2. When you get results that are measurble on the bottom line, you start paying the monthly price we agree on.

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